Warnings & Disclaimers

The things you will find here are mostly homoerotic in nature so if this problem, I suggest you don’t visit as we won’t get along well.


All cover art, photo and graphic design contained in this site are copyrighted by the respective publishers and authors. These pages are for entertainment purposes only and no copyright infringement is intended. Should anyone object to my use of these items please contact by email the Amara's Place owner.

This is an amateur blog, where I discuss my reading, what I like and my personal life. I do not endorse anyone or charge fees of any kind for the books I review. 

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Side notes based on past experiences of sucktastic:

A couple of things I want to be clear about…

To those that feel the need to cause trouble and/or share their opinions of how awful they think I am and/or attack me:  Whether you don’t like me, my blog, my reviews or quite frankly anything else really… I don’t care. I am always open to a constructive discussion, but I will not be attacked in my own Place. Should you feel the need to attack me… I shall post it. Attack me via email, FB or Twitter message or blog comments and I will call you out by name and share your attacks openly for all to see.

Basically… this is MY place. My name is on the door, I am Queen here. If for any reason you don’t like my blog, I would like you to remember please… I don’t care. No one is forcing you to read it; you are free to move along.

That is all. At least until more personal experiences of suckatude occur by various people of suck causing the need to make a longer list of sucktastic warnings.


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