Amara's Place Rating System
5 stars: I loved it. love Love LOVED.
4 stars: Really liked it. May even reread.
3 stars: Good book, I liked it.
2 stars: It was OK, but something ruined it for me.
1 star: Couldn’t even finish it.

Kate Cotoner
Christie Gordon
First Full Moon (4 stars)

Raev Gray
Spoils of War (4 stars)

Kari Gregg
I, Omega (4 stars)

Cat Grant
Entangled Trio (4 cups)

Storm Grant
Sucks & Blows

Dawn Halliday

Morgan Hawke

Rachel Haimowitz

Joey Hill
Beloved Vampire (3 stars)

Shayla Kersten
A Helping Hand (3 stars)

Jourdan Lane

JL Langley
The Tin Star (5 stars)

Special Forces (5 stars)

Z.A. Maxfield
St. Nacho's (4 stars)
ML Rhodes
Souls Deep (3 stars)
Under My Skin (3 stars)

Denise Rossetti
Tailspin (4 stars)

Barbara Sheridan
Clean Slate (5 stars)
Aleksandr Voinov
Deliverance (5 stars)
Lion of Kent (5 stars)
Scorpion (5 stars)
Special Forces (5 stars)
Spoils of War (4 stars)

J.R. Ward
Lover Unbound (5 stars)


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